Why is the dental tourism so popular in Bulgaria?

he foreigner tourists, who wish to combine their cultural holiday in Bulgaria with the opportunity to take care of their dental problems, will receive highly professional services at very low prices as compared to the UK, USA and the Western European countries. Dental care is extremely expensive in many European countries especially if we take into consideration the cosmetic procedures and the reconstruction of the jaw bone. Usually the most common dental problems are covered by the medical insurances abroad. That makes the treatment of unexpected and complicated illnesses very costly.  Bulgaria greets dental tourists from all over the world every year.

Bulgarian dentists are highly qualified

Bulgarian dentists are highly qualified as the dental universities in Bulgaria are amongst the best in the world. During their studies, the future dentists have constant experience with patients and when they graduate, they can start working immediately without having to do any extra practice. The Bulgarian Dental Association holds regular meetings with their members to update them on modern equipment and modern methods that are becoming popular in the dental world.

The prices are the cheapest in the EU

The prices of the dental care in Bulgaria are not very cheap for the Bulgarians themselves however, they are the cheapest in the EU. You can undergo any dental treatment you require – cavity treatment, teeth reconstruction, dentures with dental bridges, crowns, dental implants, etc. The quality of the dental care the foreign patients receive in Bulgaria is exquisite.

The advanced materials and modern equipment used are very important for every dental treatment. The dental clinics in Bulgaria work with the most modern equipment and use materials and drugs supplied by world famous dental care brands. Just as a comparison, the NHS dental treatment in the UK and the cavity filling the patients receive are very different. In the UK, the ordinary cavity filling is black. Dentists don’t use black cavity filling in Bulgaria as it is not long lasting and is not aesthetically pleasing.

The majority of the Bulgarian dentists speak English because the number of foreign patients keeps on growing. There are many foreigners now working in international companies in Bulgaria and they all seek dental care in the country. The cities that attract the most foreigners are Sofia and Varna and some of the best dental clinics are situated in these two cities.

If you require any dental treatment don’t hesitate to choose Bulgaria. The dental clinics are accredited and the majority of them are members of the Bulgarian Dental Association. If you are unsure if the clinic you have chosen has all of the necessary accreditations and is legit, ask them to provide you with some documentation of memberships and statements of accreditation. No clinic will refuse to provide these for you. If they don’t wish to participate and help you make the right choice then you should look elsewhere.

Dental tourism is the best way to combine your holiday with your dental treatment.

The dentists in Bulgaria work fast and efficiently thus making sure that the treatment is quick, effective, gentle and not too invasive. The clients leave their dental cabinets with a bright smile. If you need any special dentures, the dental technicians will be there to examine your teeth’s condition in person.

Don’t hesitate to explore the options and choose Bulgaria for your dental care as some of the best dentists in the world practice here!