Bulgaria Dental Tourism

Affordable dental tourism from ValkovTravel

Hello, dear friends! After I’ve had the opportunity for more then 10 years to get acquainted closely and to study carefully the leading dental practices in Bulgaria, as well as being extremely close to these clinics patients, I was able to identify and understand all the problems they face on a daily basis and the requirements they have. I understood what are the pros and cons of the so-called dental tourism.

After taking all of this into consideration, I decided that I can isolate all of these problems and offer you service in which there will be no dissatisfaction.

The criteria were clear and simple:

  • Competitive prices
  • Profesionalism
  • Correctness
  • Humanity
  • Individual approach
  • Clear contracts
  • Warranty
  • Quality

dentalen turizum bulgaria

I’m glad that at this point I can offer you 3 clinics located in 3 beautiful corners of Bulgaria united by the all these criteria you are looking for and we established for you.

In these clinics are working young professionals prepared for everything only so you can go home with the best smile in the world! Specialists in their field, specialized in leading clinics in Europe, they brought their professionalism at level where they take every manipulation as a routine.

Dental surgeons for whom implantology is a daily part of their job and for dental prosthetics and aesthetics, perfectionism is law!

Clinics where first priority is the quality and personal contact with the patient!
Clinics who exclude any close relationships, romantic and family, between their employees so that they don’t lead to concealing errors that results in poor quality of service at expense of privileged employees seeking personal benefits from the patient’s back.

Clinics in which the individual approach to the clients is basis, and perfectionism is law!

Dental Aesthetic

  • The first clinic we offer you is Dental Aesthetic clinic!
  • Located in Varna city
  • Varna is a city with a millennial past. A city where you can spend great dental vacation.

With it’s sights, Varna is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria.

The rich range of excursions we offer in the region for your free time, the beauty of the old town, the charm of Roman terms, the huge shopping malls and sights.

All this will make you look forward to come back and visit again this beautiful and not accidently named Sea capital of Bulgaria city!

ESTE Dental Clinic

  • The second clinic we offer you is ESTE Dental Clinic!
  • Located in Sofia city
  • The capital of Bulgaria is a city in which we guarantee you’ll not be bored even for a moment.

The town is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, where you can enjoy the fresh air and why not even skiing if your visit is during the winter.

It’s rich in a great deal of cultural and historical landmarks. Whit it’s location Sofia is an hour drive away from some of the most beautiful corners of Bulgaria.

One of these places is the Rila Monastery – a place we strongly recommend you visit!


  • The third clinic is Dentacrone clinic!
  • Located in Kardzhali city
  • For over three millennials the region of Kardzhali has been the center of various civilizations and cultures..

It’s reasonably believed that the first inhabitants of these places were the precursors of the Thracians.

There were a villages inhabited by Thracians, ancient Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Latin and Ottoman turks. Not for away is the remarkable ancient rock – sanctuary town of Perperek. This is where your dental vacation will turn into a magical fairy tale, touching one of the oldest civilizations in the world!

Stages of work

First stage

You send us all of the information about your dental status (photos, materials from your most recent dental consultations). You acquaint us with your wishes and requirements if you have any. What you would like us to do.

If you don’t have any preferences for particular clinic, we will process your information and refer it to our partners. They will thoroughly look at the information that you provided us with and will work out individual detailed plans for your dental treatment, tailored to your requirements and preferences. Each of the clinics will give you at least one offer.

If some of the offers is of interest to you, we can arrange your welcoming, your accommodation and take you to the clinic of your choice.

There you will be thoroughly examined and an up-to-date dental picture will be prepared for you. Once your new dental status is ready and if it matches the information you provided us with, based on which your offer was made, at your request you will sign the contract and start treatment.

After the extensive research, if additional factors have been identified that have not been described by you and for which we have not been informed, resulting in a change and inability to execute your plan(offer), then you’ll be offered changes and corrections which will only be applied after your approval.

We can provide you transfer from the airport, with convenient cars and competent drivers, who will welcome you at the airport!

We offer our customers dedicated service and we can save them a significant percentage on the local taxi fares.