Aladzha Monastery, Balchik and Cape Kaliakra

Aladzha Monastery is located in a beautiful and picturesque area, 14 kilometers north from Varna and very close to the seaside resort Golden Sands. It is known that the monastery existed in the 10th century but there is no historical data for when it was first built.

The Monastery is one of the very few rock Monasteries with well-preserved rooms with various functionality. The rooms in it are on two levels and are carved in the limestone rock. The first level houses the church, the monastic cells, the living room, the kitchen, a small cemetery church, the crypt and the living premises. The second level houses the Monastery chapel.

Aladzha Monastery, Balchik and Cape Kaliakra

Aladzha Monastery is a popular tourist destination visited by thousands of people. It is located in the center of ‘’Golden Sands’’ park and is surrounded by rare and very old trees. The magnificent nature around it together with the historical and Christian sights is what makes this place perfect for cultural, eco and pilgrimage tourism.

Balchik, Botanical Garden
Close to Golden Sands is Balchik, a seaside resort, which is mainly famous with its Botanical Garden that is a home to unique plants and exotic fruit trees like – banana trees, lemons, papaya, etc. In the Botanical Garden there is also a Castle that was the home of the Romanian Queen Maria at the beginning of the 20th century.

Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra is a spectacular nature reserve on the Black sea coast and it is 60 kilometers away from Varna. There you can spend a day observing cormorants and dolphins. The place is also famous for bird watching as it sits on one of the major migration routes for birds Via Pontica.

If you want to see these magnificent places and have a little break from the beach, book yourself on one of our excursions and prepare for some breathtaking experience.

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