Builgaria Transfer Prices

Varna Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Varna – Varna0:30 h20 km€12€17€20Book Now
Varna – St. St. Constantine and Helena0:30 h20 km€15€20€25Book Now
Varna – Golden Sands0:30 h30 km€20€28€35Book Now
Varna – Albena0:40 h42 km€25€30€35Book Now
Varna – Kamchia1 h46 km€30€35€40Book Now
Varna – Shkorpilovtsi0:50 h50 km€30€35€40Book Now
Varna – Balchik0:45 h53 km€30€35€40Book Now
Varna – Kavarna0:58 h68 km€40€45€55Book Now
Varna – Byala1 h58 km€34€45€55Book Now
Varna – Obzor1 h65 km€40€50€60Book Now
Varna – St. Vlas1:45 h102 km€55€70€80Book Now
Varna – Sunny Beach1:35 h99 km€50€65€75Book Now
Varna – Nessebar1:45 h106 km€55€70€80Book Now
Varna – Elenite1:45 h106 km€55€70€80Book Now
Varna – Ravda1:45 h106 km€60€70€80Book Now
Varna – Aheloy1:43 h106 km€60€70€80Book Now
Varna – Pomorie1:55 h112 km€70€80€90Book Now
Varna – Burgas2:00 h120 km€70€85€100Book Now
Varna – Silistra1:40 h134 km€75€85€100Book Now
Varna – Sozopol2:30 h154 km€85€100€120Book Now
Varna – Constanta city (Romania)2:00 h150 km€90€100€120Book Now
Varna – Primorsko2:45 h170 km€90€110€130Book Now
Varna – Ruse2:00 h186 km€90€110€130Book Now
Varna – Lozenets2:50 h178 km€95€115€130Book Now
Varna – Tsarevo2:55 h185 km€100€120€140Book Now
Varna – Ahtopol3:1 h197 km€110€130€150Book Now
Varna – Bucharest4:00 h300 km€120€150€180Book Now
Varna – Sinemorets3:1 h203 km€110€130€150Book Now
Varna – Silistar3:20 h209 km€110€130€150Book Now
Varna – Rezovo3:20 h213 km€115€130€150Book Now
Varna – Veliko Tarnovo2:30 h215 km€130€150€190Book Now
Varna – Stara Zagora3:30 h288 km€140€160€190Book Now
Varna – Plovdiv4:30 h370 km€160€195€250Book Now
Varna – Sofia5:40 h436 km€175€200€250Book Now
Varna – Pamporovo5:30 h422 km€222€275€320Book Now
Varna – Bansko6:20 h515 km€250€300€350Book Now
Varna – Istanbul8.00 h500 km€250€300€350Book Now

Sofia Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Sofia – Kalotina1 h57 km€40€55€65Book Now
Sofia – Borovec1:30 h99 km€53€75€90Book Now
Sofia – Bansko2:00 h154 km€65€80€90Book Now
Sofia – Rilski Manaster1:50 h128 km€70€85€100Book Now
Sofia – Velingrad1:50 h134 km€70€90€115Book Now
Sofia – Plovdiv1:35 h144 km€70€95€120Book Now
Sofia – Troyan2:10 h164 km€88€105€130Book Now
Sofia – Hysarya2:00 h174 km€90€105€130Book Now
Sofia – Sandanski215 h171 km€90€110€140Book Now
Sofia – Kulata2:30 h189 km€100€120€150Book Now
Sofia – Pamporovo3:10 h229 km€99€119€160Book Now
Sofia – Leshten3:00 h210 km€99€119€160Book Now
Sofia – Melnik2:30 h187 km€99€119€149Book Now
Sofia – Veliko Tarnovo3:20 h221 km€108€119€149Book Now
Sofia – Stara zagora2:20 h231 km€115€129€160Book Now
Sofia – Ruse4:10 h309 km€139€169€225Book Now
Sofia – Capitan Andrevo2:55 h291 km€145€179€225Book Now
Sofia – Sliven3:10 h306 km€156€185€235Book Now
Sofia – Varna6:10 h450 km€175€200€250Book Now
Sofia – Burgas3:30 h384 km€165€185€239Book Now
Sofia – St. St. Constantin and Elena6:10 h460 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – St. Vlas4:20 h420 km€170€189€239Book Now
Sofia – Byala4:45 h454 km€170€189€239Book Now
Sofia – Obzor4:40 h450 km€170€189€239Book Now
Sofia – Golden Sands6:20 h470 km€190€209€259Book Now
Sofia – Shkorpilovtsi5:20 h471 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Aheloy3:50 h420 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Sunny Beach3:30 h413 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Nesebar3:40 h417 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Elenite3:50 h420 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Ravda3:50 h420 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Kamchia5:20 h467 km€180€199€249Book Now
Sofia – Albena6:30 h485 km€190€209€259Book Now
Sofia – Sozopol5:52 h416 km€190€209€259Book Now
Sofia – Balchik6:40 h500 km€190€209€259Book Now
Sofia – Primorsko4:10 h432 km€195€219€269Book Now
Sofia – Kavarna6:30 h500 km€200€219€269Book Now
Sofia – Lozenets4:30 h440 km€200€219€269Book Now
Sofia – Ahtopol4:45 h460 km€220€239€299Book Now
Sofia – Cinemorec4:50 h465 km€225€239€299Book Now

Thessaloniki Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Thessaloniki Airport – Bansko2.50 h218 kм€135€150€170Book Now
Thessaloniki Airport – Borovec3.40 h281 kм€175€190€205Book Now
Thessaloniki Airport – Sofia3.40 h320 kм€190€210€245Book Now
Thessaloniki Airport – Pamporovo5.0 h280 kм€180€195€215Book Now

Burgas Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Burgas – Varna2:00 h120 kм€70€90€90Book Now
Burgas – Golden Sands2:15 h138 km€80€90€100Book Now
Burgas – St. St. Constantine and Helena2:00 h128 kм€75€85€100Book Now
Burgas – Kranevo2:20 h142 km€85€95€120Book Now
Burgas – Albena2:30 h148 km€85€95€120Book Now
Burgas – Balchik2:35 h163 km€90€99€120Book Now
Burgas – Kavarna2:45 h179 kм€100€110€130Book Now
Burgas – Rusalka3:00 h196 kм€110€120€140Book Now
Burgas – Constanca4.00 h267 km€135€150€200Book Now
Burgas – Bucharest5.00 h354 km€180€210€240Book Now

Airport Istanbul

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Istanbul – Varna7.00 h456 km€250€300€350Book Now
Istanbul – Sofia6.30 h542 km€357€400€450Book Now
Istanbul – Burgas5.00 h327 km€225€275€350Book Now
Istanbul – Veliko Tаrnovo7.00 h7470 km€290€340€400Book Now
Istanbul – Pleven8.00 h544 km€290€340€400Book Now
Istanbul – Ruse8.00 h557 km€290€340€400Book Now
Istanbul – Bansko7.00 h600 km€310€410€500Book Now
Istanbul – Plovdiv5.00 h430 km€305€355€400Book Now

Constanca Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Constanca – Albena1:45 h140 kм€85€100€120Book Now
Constanca – Varna2:15h180 kм€100€120€150Book Now
Constanca – Shumen3:20 h280 kм€140€159€185Book Now
Constanca – Sunny Beach3:50 h280 kм€140€150€185Book Now
Constanca – Burgas4:20 h300kм€150€165€190Book Now
Constanca – Ruse3:00 h380 kм€195€215€250Book Now
Constanca – Veliko Tarnovo4:00 h400 kм€195€215€250Book Now
Constanca – Plovdiv6:00 h560 kм€270€285€379Book Now
Constanca – Sofia6:30 h600 kм€285€310€400Book Now
Constanca – Golden Sands2.00 h150 kм€90€105€130Book Now
Constanca – St. St. Constantine and Helenaа2.15 h160 kм€95€110€140Book Now

Bucharest Baneasa Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Bucharest – Varna4:00 h300 kм€120€150€180Book Now
Bucharest – St. St. Constantine and Helena4:00 h305 kм€120€160€180Book Now
Bucharest – Golden Sands4:14 h310 kм€130€165€190Book Now
Bucharest – Kranevo4:20 h316 kм€135€170€195Book Now
Bucharest – Albena4:30 h324 kм€140€175€200Book Now
Bucharest – Balchik3:43 h335 kм€145€180€210Book Now
Bucharest – Obzor4:40 h341 kм€140€180€230Book Now
Bucharest – Kavarna3:40 h327 kм€150€180€220Book Now
Bucharest – Sunny beach5:20 h355 kм€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Pomorie5:30 h359 kм€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Rusalka4:40 h332 kм€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Pomorie5:20 h368 kм€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Burgas5:00 h354 kм€180€210€260Book Now
Bucharest – Borovec6:40 h475 kм€230€250€290Book Now
Bucharest – Sofia6:00 h414 kм€240€260€300Book Now
Bucharest – Pamporovo7:00 h460 kм€250€270€310Book Now
Bucharest – Bansko7:40 h570 kм€350€400€560Book Now

Henri Coanda Airport

From – ToHoursKmCarMinivanVan
Bucharest – Varna4:00 h300 km€120€150€180Book Now
Bucharest – St. St. Constantine and Helena4:00 h305 km€120€155€180Book Now
Bucharest – Golden Sands4:14 h310 km€130€160€190Book Now
Bucharest – Kranevo4:20 h316 km€135€165€195Book Now
Bucharest – Albena4:30 h324 km€140€170€200Book Now
Bucharest – Balchik3:43 h335 km€145€175€210Book Now
Bucharest – Obzor4:40 h341 km€150€180€230Book Now
Bucharest – Kavarna3:40 h327 km€150€180€220Book Now
Bucharest – Sunny Beach5:20 h355 km€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Nesebar5:30 h359 km€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Rusalka4:40 h332 km€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Pomorie5:20 h368 km€170€200€250Book Now
Bucharest – Burgas5:00 h354 km€180€210€260Book Now
Bucharest – Borovec6:40 h475 km€230€250€290Book Now
Bucharest – Sofia6:00 h414 km€240€260€300Book Now
Bucharest – Pamporovo7:00 h460 km€250€270€310Book Now
Bucharest – Bansko7:40 h570 km€350€400€560Book Now

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