Pobiti Kamani, Madara and Shumen

Pobiti Kamani (Upright Stones) or also known as Dikilitash, is a natural phenomenon situated 18-20 kilometers away from Varna city. The complex spreads on a 7 sq. km area and it consists of stone columns with different heights reaching up to 10 m., thick or hollow cylinders, various sized and shaped blocks, crossed cones and many other stone pieces. Some columns seem that they have been uprooted as they are just lying on the ground, others form very impressive sculpture groups and many are broken in parts.

Pobiti Kamani, Madara and Shumen

This natural landmark has been first documented in 1829 however, it has been known as a sacral place long before that. It was officially declared as a natural landmark in 2002. The Upright Stones are visited by thousands of tourists every year and that is why regular excursions are organized. This landmark is not seasonal however, we recommend avoiding visits in July and August as the temperatures are really high and there is no shelter in the complex.

Madara and Shumen are close to each other and are just 70 kilometers away from the Upright Stones. In Madara you can see the Madarian Horse Rider, which is a medieval bas-relief carved out in a cliff near Madara village. This amazing relief is an UNESCO Heritage Site.

Shumen is the 10th largest city in Bulgaria and it features historical fortress, a monument built to celebrate 1300 years since Bulgaria was founded and the biggest mosque in Bulgaria Tombul Mosque. The mosque is still active and it attracts visitors from all over the world who want to admire its fascinating architecture.

If you prefer to escape the large groups, we can organize individual tours for you. Our drivers speak English and are very knowledgeable thus giving you the opportunity to find out more about the landmarks you are visiting. For individual bookings, please contact us so we can arrange the itinerary for your very own excursion.

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