Excursions in Bulgaria

Excursions in Bulgaria from ValkovTravel

You will learn about traditional and new Bulgarian resorts and the type of tourism that you can practice.

Many tourists that come to Bulgaria never get the chance to see the real beauty the country has to offer. Exploring Bulgaria will give you the chance to get acquainted with the way of life, the history and the amazing architecture. We know that it is not so easy to go to a foreign country and start exploring if you are not familiar with it. That is why we offer our customers various excursions to some of the most historical and breathtaking places in Bulgaria.

We have a set list of destinations that we offer to our clients. However, if you don’t see the place you wish to visit don’t hesitate to contact us as we offer tailor made excursions. Our drivers are very experienced and know every part of the country, so you just have to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery.