Business in Bulgaria

Ever since joining the EU Bulgaria has become a very attractive place for foreign investments. Many businesses are opening up which really helps the country’s economy. Affordable rents, cheap labor and the low income tax rate are attracting big and small business owners to move some of their premises to Bulgaria.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Bulgaria now is probably the best time.

Prices of accommodation and services are still very low and the minimum salary is around 150 pounds per month, which means you can still get the cheapest labor in the whole of the EU. The major international airports are open all year round and work with various airlines amongst which are many low cost ones. Renting a car at the airport is also very affordable and easy to do and there are many options for transportation whilst you are in the country.

Valkov Transfer can offer various ways for transportation for your business.

We can offer a variety of vehicles and we can offer you a personal chauffeur. This way you can stay concentrated on your business agendas rather than trying to work out where this meeting you are going to is. For all of your business partners and clients, we can offer bespoke transfer services that can suit all your expectations and present you in the best possible way in front of your customers.

Discover Bulgaria! You will Love it!

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