Hotels in Bulgaria

There are so many hotels in Bulgaria. The growing popularity of the country and the high number of tourists visiting every year are amongst the main reasons for thousands of hotels to emerge in the past years.

The star ratings are the same as everywhere else in Europe however the prices are much cheaper. The summer and winter resorts feature some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the country. In most cases it is advisable to book your accommodation together with your flights so you get a good deal.

We, at Bulgaria Transfers, work with a big range of hotels and can offer our customers very competitive prices for transfers and car rentals.

If you are thinking of booking a hotel separately from your flight, it is very likely that you will need transportation from the airport. Booking us prior to your arrival will save you some money as we do great online and pre-booking discounts. Getting a taxi or hiring a car directly from the airport is quite expensive and can be quite stressful too.

Most hotels in Bulgaria will not offer you the transfer from the airport if you have not booked a full package with them (flight and hotel). They would be able to provide you with a name of a transportation company and that will be it. We guarantee you the best prices and the highest quality of airport transfers you can find on the internet.

Discover Bulgaria! You will Love it!

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