Dentacrone Dental Clinic

Dentakrone Dental Clinic is founded by physicians with rich experience with patients from Germany, Switzerland, England and Russia. The doctors in Dentakrone are exceptional professionals in the field of implantology, bone replacement procedures and prosthetics with zirconium and ceramic structures for maximum aesthetics.

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One of our advantages is that we work only with the german Bredent-Sky implants, which gives us the opportunity to load the implants early. Even with completely jagged jaws, literally in the 24-th hour our patients feel reborn, with improved self-esteem due to the major change in their appearance. After the surgical visit with us, there is no need for them to see a doctor in their country on the tenth day to strip the threads thanks to the absorbable threads we use which disappear for less then a month.

The Fast & Fixed system has been extremely successful, with only 4 implants required for the mandible and six implants for the upper jaw!

Основни услуги
  • Endodontics
  • Implantology
  • Periodontics
  • Surgery
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Orthodontics

Quality guarantee!

All procedures at the clinic are performed according to the German standards for quality and treatment with German equipment with German and Swiss materials, without any compromising for the treatment as each patient receives a passport for his implants.

Therefore, we provide a 10-year warranty on each implant placed by us and a five-year construction guarantee!

A great advantage for the quality and the speed of the constructions in our help is the CAD/CAM system that we have at SCHÜTZ DENTAL, which always gives us precisely cut structures that fit perfectly for the already prepared teeth with extreme precision.

Our team

Our Chief Dental Technician is recognized in the production of highly aesthetic structures and is very popular between dental technicians who are involved in aesthetic ceramic restorations.

Doctors at the clinic give the necessary attention to each of the patients during treatment and after taking full responsibility for the treatment of each of them. The main rule for them is that the work they do is of highest quality, highly aesthetic and functionally durable after the healing period. The clinic’s doctors have over a thousand successfully implanted and loaded implants that continue to function in different parts of the world. And so successfully rehabilitated whole teeth of their patients, having rich experience in the overall recovery.

The clinic prepares a post-examination treatment plan and 3D radiography and each plan is discussed with patients thoroughly before the treatment! Any future patient can ask us from their country for their own treatment to find out what the cost at Dentakrone Clinic would be by sending us their treatment plan made by the doctors in their country (if the treatment plan was prepared without 3D radiography from not so experienced doctors, it is often necessary to do further research on our part which causes changes in the treatment plan prepared by the doctor in their country)

Each treatment is documented and prepared according to German standards which the patient receives after completion of the treatment to redeem the amount after returning to their country! Our prices do not exceed the amount granted by KLA and other private health insurance funds! Providing our patients with a fabulous vacation with quality dental care that costs them almost nothing!


We can provide you transfer from the airport, with convenient cars and competent drivers, who will welcome you at the airport!

  • Located in Kardzhali city
  • For over three millennials the region of Kardzhali has been the center of various civilizations and cultures..

It’s reasonably believed that the first inhabitants of these places were the precursors of the Thracians.

There were a villages inhabited by Thracians, ancient Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Latin and Ottoman turks. Not for away is the remarkable ancient rock – sanctuary town of Perperek. This is where your dental vacation will turn into a magical fairy tale, touching one of the oldest civilizations in the world!