Bulgaria Travel

Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The country has breathtaking mountain ranges, beautiful golden beaches, vibrant and modern European cities. It is constantly attracting tourists from all over the world and is tempting investors with its cheap property prices and magnificent landscapes. Bulgaria is undergoing huge changes all the time in order to offer its visitors one completely finished and functional infrastructure.

The summer and winter resorts are just amazing and are currently stealing tourists from the well-known European resorts with lucrative prices and 5 star services.

You can hardly see traces from the Communism in the big cities as they are now more modern and European than they have ever been before. The visitors are now offered well-kept boulevards, luxurious shopping areas, lively nightlife and incredible accommodation options. The small villages have managed to preserve their culture and history and proudly present the visitors their folklore. The village tourism in Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular not only for the locals but for the foreign tourists too.

If you are looking for a fantastic and affordable holiday, then look no further than Bulgaria.

The country features 4 international airports that work with low cost and luxurious airlines from all over the world. Travelling in the country is also inexpensive as the airport transfers, rent-a-car and taxi services are numerous and very cheap.

Discover Bulgaria! You will Love it!

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