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Dental tourism is growing in popularity as more and more people seek dental care outside of their countries of origin. The reasons behind that are many and different however, two of the most prominent reasons are the high quality of dental care and the low prices.

Bulgaria is one of the European countries that attract thousands of dental tourists every year. The excellent care, the professional staff, the knowledgeable dentists and of course the low cost of treatment are amongst some of the benefits you get.

Mixing your treatment with a nice holiday is also a fantastic way to spend your time in Bulgaria.

Sophie Tracy
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Valkov Travel are the best! When we land on the airport, I needed a car. Fortunately, I spoked with them before I catch my flight, so when I came in Bulgaria everything was already arranged for me – car was waiting and the guy who drove it even helped me with the bags. The strange thing was he tried to refuse my tip! Such a lovely people! I love Bulgaria Transfer! So easy and fun to use, that I’m thinking about coming to Bulgaria again!
George Reece
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When I go to trip, I want to always have a car at my disposal. I got in touch with Valkov Travel and from what they said, I had found my solution. And I was right! From the moment I land in Bulgaria to the moment I took my flight back to Germany, I had the car and the freedom I wanted!
Harry Callum
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Let’s just say that if you don’t know Bulgaria, you wanna see it, but for some reason you need a car or even someone to drive you through your trip, Bulgaria Transfer are the obvious choice! For me they are the only choice!

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